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Sorry I have been in hibernation for the past couple of months.. Winter does that. It's difficult to not become this person who just eats, sleeps and works when it's so damn miserable outside. I am so excited for warmer days ahead. I have been turning into a robot these days, usually I have a total joy for life and this city but recently I have not felt down, but somewhat not passionate about Paris! Maybe because it's truly becoming my home! Well I didn't move across the world and risk a lot to just plateau through life, so I am going to make the conscious effort now to take time to enjoy my surroundings, I'm going to go see beautiful things on the weekends again, riding bikes in Versailles, visiting galleries, having big brunches and do the simple things that truly make me love Paris! 

Photography by Julien Moreno
Coat-Dezzal, Knit-Zaful Sunglasses-Ray Bans Boots-Mango